My second book Mystery of the Art teacher will be with us in a couple of weeks. I would like to thank my two good friends Irene Black and Clare Benzikie for being kind enough to read my manuscript and give me all the constructive critisism I needed to get to this stage. Irene Black is an author herself and has written two books ‘Darshan’ and the ‘Moon’s complexion,’  – both excellent books. Irene is a member of the Guildford Writer’s group and it is a stroke of luck for me to have such an experienced Author as a friend and advisor. Jackie Luben is also a member of the Writer’s group and one of her published books is the ‘Tainted tree.’

Clare and Stephen Benzikie have read both my books and guided me and supported me throughout my journey. It is much appreciated as in our busy lives it is not easy to give up your time for others, but Clare always does this with a smile on her face. Their encouragement has kept me going.

The third person I must thank is my husband Rajeev Mittal who has had to read my manuscript, tirelessly, every time I made the slightest change – and believe me I have made many.

Irene Black and Jackie Luben

 Clare and Stephen Benzikie

 Anjali and Rajeev Mittal

So hold on tight now. It won’t be long. Mystery of the Art Teacher is on its way!