What a success the book launch was at Bookazine, Prince’s building. We arrived early and the staff at the shop greeted us with a smile. My boys helped set up and pour the wine!

anjali-mittal-3 anjali-mittal-5 anjali-mittal-6  anjali-mittal-16 anjali-mittal-7 anjali-mittal-2

My good friend Cissy surprised me with the cutest cookies, with my book on them. Thank you Cissy, Herman, Alfred and the Pinebridge Team!

anjali-mittal-136 anjali-mittal-44 anjali-mittal-15

We waited for people to arrive and then came in two of the loveliest boys Jayden and Aiden who had been desperately waiting for the launch to meet me and buy the books. Thank you Mr Hui for bringing them. I was delighted to meet them.

anjali-mittal-53 anjali-mittal-52 anjali-mittal-51

anjali-mittal-41 anjali-mittal-39

Arti and Shonee were amazing in supporting the event and it was wonderful to see the whole family there. Thank you to all the Bookazine team for all you did that day.

anjali-mittal-146     anjali-mittal-25     anjali-mittal-138

Friends from the LRC Book Club – Cynthia, Hughie and Janelle

anjali-mittal-106 anjali-mittal-132 anjali-mittal-131

Ms Crouch, an honour to have you at the launch.

anjali-mittal-28 anjali-mittal-29 anjali-mittal-34

And Megan Linsey


GSIS friends, in order Gabby, Medha and family, Bernard,Vinita, Pam and Helen, Hannah’s parents, Nicola, Alifya and Pam, Cara, Gabby, Winnie and Nirmala.

anjali-mittal-30 anjali-mittal-22  anjali-mittal-90 anjali-mittal-80 anjali-mittal-73  anjali-mittal-72 anjali-mittal-62  anjali-mittal-100 anjali-mittal-95 anjali-mittal-94 anjali-mittal-47  anjali-mittal-108

Our dear friend Chris!

anjali-mittal-14 anjali-mittal-59

New found cousins – Tanvir and Maria. Thank you for coming.

anjali-mittal-23 anjali-mittal-56 anjali-mittal-102

The Highcliff Family – Ashish, Sangeeta, Margaret, Larry and Leigh and family, Seema and family. So good to see you there.

anjali-mittal-129 anjali-mittal-134 anjali-mittal-124anjali-mittal-135 anjali-mittal-37 anjali-mittal-38anjali-mittal-99

Dr Macdonald, Hamish and Fergus. I was truly happy to see you there. Thank you for coming.

anjali-mittal-64 anjali-mittal-66

Shirley, you never miss my book launches – a true friend.

anjali-mittal-74 anjali-mittal-78 anjali-mittal-85

The best Pilates instructor in town and a very special friend, Jason

anjali-mittal-58 anjali-mittal-60 anjali-mittal-105

Swallow from Sunya Publications – my Hong Kong Publishers who have already published The Boat Race in Chinese

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anjali-mittal-113 anjali-mittal-68 anjali-mittal-79

Other friends

anjali-mittal-78 anjali-mittal-87 anjali-mittal-115anjali-mittal-89


Elly brought Aria along.

anjali-mittal-119 anjali-mittal-120

Rushubh, Ahana, thank you both for coming with Arjun


Thank you ladies – Mariette, Aiza and Nora


The day was all about children and encouraging them to read.

anjali-mittal-39 anjali-mittal-45 anjali-mittal-53 anjali-mittal-55 anjali-mittal-63 anjali-mittal-76anjali-mittal-110 anjali-mittal-71 anjali-mittal-111 anjali-mittal-117 anjali-mittal-54anjali-mittal-121 anjali-mittal-127anjali-mittal-81 anjali-mittal-133 anjali-mittal-139

The wow factor for this book is certainly the cover, although I do hope you like the content too. So thank you to my son Rohit for being so talented and big-hearted to take the time out to illustrate the cover for me.


And the Family – you were amazing on the day, all of you!

anjali-mittal-143 anjali-mittal-144

Words cannot express how happy I was to see you all there. Perhaps these pictures will


For an author it is very important that the book they write is well received, enjoyed and leaves the reader wanting more. The Secret of the Golden Dragon is the second book in the series, and there will be more. All four books in the series are being published in Chinese too. So watch this space and keep reading!

anjali-mittal-140 anjali-mittal-61 anjali-mittal-1

And thank you for all who came and made my day extra special!