I was greeted by Debbie Alvarez, one of the most efficient librarians I have met who put together a whole day at Bradbury school for me. We entered the hall, and although I had spoken in a hall at the Ho Yu school before this one was enormous. I took my mind off the number of seats to be filled by setting up the posters and books and then getting actively involved with testing the sound system in the hall and making sure my presentation would work on the very large screen. There were a few unsure moments as the sound blared into the room without the picture, but as I have learnt from my previous school visits, each school has a technical team that works miracles. One minute before I was due to speak the presentation came to life on the screen.


 The hall About to start  The hall soon fills up

I presented to children from year 3 right up to year 6. As always the question and answer time was most enjoyable.

I met a teacher who had lived in Tanzania for four years. 

We then moved to the library for the second session.


 The children learnt about Kenya and the migration


It has always been said that in Hong Kong you can meet absolutely anybody from any walk of life and I have heard the expression ‘it is such a small world’ many times in my time here. Who would have know that I would meet someone who had lived in Kenya for many years and actually went to the same school, Greenacres in Limuru like I did. Yes one of the class teachers. We talked about old times and life in Kenya and it was a wonderful bonus to my visit at Bradbury.

The children were attentive, enjoyed the presentation and my inspiration video for THE BOAT RACE and had many questions at the end to do with publishing and writing books. A few came up to me and recognized me as they were sisters of my son’s friends.

I found Bradbury to be an incredibly driven school with a superb library. It took be back to England in many ways.

Thank you Bradbury school and Debbie for a most enjoyable day.