I was invited to Carmel school to speak to grade three, four and five. Entering the school was quite an experience as they asked for my passport and ID card and searched all my belongings. Being a Jewish school security was tight and I had been warned about it by a friend who has the same experience when she visits the Synagogue.

The library I spoke in was delightful and boasted many books on Hannukah and other Jewish festivals. The teachers and staff were very welcoming as was Ken the IT expert who helped me set up. It was a pleasure to meet Ms Hasofer, the head of the school who came and said hello.

cut IMG_0023

The library, Carmel School


The children were lovely and asked many questions and most desperately wanted to know how the mystery was solved in ‘Mystery of the Art Teacher.’  I signed many copies for the children and left some for the library too. The Kenya video was enjoyed by all and they learnt some Swahili greetings to take home.

The highlight of my day was when a little girl caught my attention and whispered to me ‘you amaze me.’ Talk about being on cloud nine for the rest of the day, week, month. It still brings a smile to my face.

Thank you Candice for organizing my visit to Carmel school so professionally. I look forward to seeing you all again with my next book.