Cranmore School


Visiting Cranmore school with my third book was an extra special moment for me because this is where THE BOAT RACE started. Mrs Trumble the school librarian, Rohit’s class teacher and a good friend had once said to me – it is time you wrote a boy’s book and so I did. I wrote the book with the vision  of talking about it to the boys at Cranmore, and I was happy to have achieved what I’d set out to do.

What can I say? It is always like going back home, to the family we have known for many years when we visit Cranmore.  Mrs Trumble had everything set up to perfection and the boys seemed to have enjoyed the presentation and the question and answer time. Looking at the little boys sitting in rows in their uniforms reminded me of how mine had been some years ago.

While I talked to the children and signed books, my boys toured around the school and went and said hello to their previous teachers and friends.

This is the email response I got from the school:

Dear Anjali

Thank you so much for your visit the other day. The boys enjoyed it so much and were talking about it for a long time afterwards! It is so good for them to meet a real live author. They loved the worksheets too.  Thank you for the notebook and pen, I love them and will use them all the time! What a great idea!

All in all a very rewarding and meaningful school visit. One that I will cherish for a long time as it is a school so close to my heart.