Ms Shuchi Kumar, the excellent librarian for The Delia School of Canada, coordinated my visit to perfection and led me into a large auditorium.


After all it was going to be a busy morning as there were almost 400 children to meet.




It always leaves me with such a sense of contentment and achievement when I feel that I have made a difference in a childs life and visiting the Delia School of Canada, left me smiling for days. We had plenty of questions from the audience after which many children  were inspired to become writers and read more. I spoke mainly about The Boat Race and where I got my ideas to write the book.




And then I read them from the book.




My favourite time is when the children ask questions. Some questions are more challenging to answer than others but it always leads to interesting discussion. So the mic was passed around.


Ms Kumar very kindly organized the book order forms and every day in the post I received many book orders. Signing the books to the children has been an absolute pleasure. I would like to thank Ms Kumar and the teachers for organizing the school visit for me and I look forward to seeing them again in the future with the next book in the series.

Thank you to the children, like Taha and Clara who said that they were inspired by my visit. I would also like to say how much I have appreciated receiving this wonderful card from 1B. Thank you.


For those of you who are reading my books enjoy them and look out for the next Zack and Kante adventure – The Fallen TetraStars

If you have not managed to get a copy of my books and would like one please contact me through my email (, my website ( or visit Amazon or Bookazine.