Glenealy school did surprise me in many ways. They had one of the largest and most well equipped libraries that I have seen in Hong Kong. I walked in to find that Bookazine had a book fair at the school that day too. Trish was very welcoming. Hardeep, who also works in the library, was the professional photographer and clicked away during my two sessions, with year 3 and year 4. I had my first opportunity to show my ‘how I got my inspiration’ slide show featuring Kenya, which went down very well. Children who had ordered books got their signed copies, and at the end of the session I had plenty more orders. The children walked away with books, book marks and how to say hello to their families in Swahili (Jambo), and I walked away with a smile on my face and a glowing heart. Thank you Glenealy for inviting me to your school and I hope to see you again next year with book number 4.

Pictures to follow.