17th May 2019 – GSIS School Visit

What a pleasure it was to present to Years 4, 5 & 6 at GSIS. It was a truly special experience for me as both my boys have been/are GSIS students.

The week of the 13th of May was book week at GSIS and I was fortunate enough to be presenting on the Friday when the children were dressed up as their favourite book characters. In a span of three hours I met over 150 exceptionally bright and enthusiastic children, and there were plenty of questions. By the time I weaved my way through corridors with school bags and children, from one class to the other, time was up.

The video of how I got my inspiration for The Secret of the Golden Dragon was a huge success as the children excitedly recognised places in Hong Kong.
Reading the first chapter of The Fallen TetraStars held the children’s attention. There was pin drop silence when I finished and then a girl said – that was really good. I held that smile all week.

One of the students asked me who had done my illustrations. When I said it was my son Rohit and he still has not figured out that he must charge me there were giggles as they plotted to tell him when they saw him at school.

I would like to thank all the teachers for their warm welcome, tech support and their coordination. It was surreal to see Mr Benson after all this time as he taught my son’s year when he first started in primary 8 years ago.

I was particularly happy to meet a young boy, Thomas, who came and introduced himself, and said he had read my books. He was utterly charming and polite.

Thank you Stephanie Gilchrist for putting this together. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.