I was greeted by posters on boards as I walked  to the library at the LRC. Posters on the walls, stands on the tables and even a display on the large electronic screen at the entrance of the club. Each one advertising my book signing event at the club for the International Children’s book day event at the LRC.

I would like to thank Aileen, the library supervisor of LRC for advertising the event so well and Lindsy, her assistant for all her help. 
They even made book marks for the occassion.
On the day I did not know what to expect or what my audience woud be like. When I entered the library it was like I had been transported into a fairy tale and lo and behold in front of me sat children of all ages, shapes and sizes on little green stools, reading a book or doing some colouring. For the first time I realised how well used the junior library was at the LRC despite the lack of space due to the renovations.
I did readings from both books and told the children what they were about. I was amazed at how intently the children were listening, even the little ones, and they wanted more. The interaction with the children was most interesting and there were a few who were not at all shy to raise their hands and ask questions. There was the sweetest little girl in pink, who could not have been more than 4 years old who did a really good impression of being terrified when I read about the ghosts in the corridors. It was hilarious and I do hope to meet her again.
Some parents also stayed for the reading, and it was good to see Mary,with her daughters Gabby and Maddie, in the crowd.
Several children recognised me from my visit to the Peak school. It was a pleasure to meet Fred who had already done all my activities at school, and Rosie his sister who I promised to visit next time.
The children enjoyed the activities and I signed a fair number of books that morning. The most rewarding part for me was getting to know the children and being able to amuse them with my talk and with my books.
I was asked when my third book will be out. I will know by the end of this month, and as soon as it is, I will inform the schools that I have visited and post it on my blog.
So until then watch this space and I hope to see you again in my travels around Hong Kong.
Thank you LRC for hosting the event so beautifully.