What a splendid day I had at the Kellett School library at the Kowloon Bay campus on the 2nd of November. Lisa Share and Beth McNeilly welcomed me to the very impressive campus and beautiful library of the school. I spoke to year 4 about my books and what it means to be published. They were an attentive audience and not only did I come back with many interesting questions, but also the famous red Kellett Dragon which now sits proudly at my desk where I write. It is certainly inspiring me for my next book – The Secret of the Golden Dragon.


Anjali Mittal visit 2

Question and answer time is always fun as children explore what it means to be a writer.

Anjali Mittal visit 3

On the 9th of November I visited the Kellett Pok Fu Lam campus and spoke to year groups 3, 4 and 5. I was welcomed by Natalie Fitton and even had a chance to have my lunch in a proper staff room. With the children I discussed Africa, how to make paper boats, ideas for my next book and more.

One memorable event from the day was when a boy put up his hand and said his dog’s name was Jambo. He was happy to learn the meaning of the word, which is ‘hello’ in Swahili. The session ended and the next class came in. A few moments later, an identical boy, sitting in exactly the same spot, put up his hand and said his dog’s name was Jambo. At that precise moment of deja vu, I honestly thought I was losing my mind, when the teacher explained that they were brothers and obviously had the same dog!

Question and answer time was interesting and interactive and I was impressed at how smart these children were as they were able to discuss migration and other matters with confidence.

How fortunate for me that a Maasai warrior had visited them just recently.

Thank you Lisa Share, Beth McNeilly and Natalie Fitton for making my visit memorable and thoroughly enjoyable.