It was absolutely magical. I spent and hour with each year group from Year 3 though to year 6. We did a brainstorming workshop on how to write a story and the theme was ‘Africa’ which is where my third book is set.

We ended each session by doing a quiz for which the winners will get a prize.

I must admit that after signing about 300 times (books and book marks), my hand was rather sore that evening, although it was a pleasure to spend time with each child individually, however brief it was.

Then we had assembly where each Year group had something to read for book week. Each performance was special and the stage was set for the ‘stories in a tent’ theme. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them and the story telling was of a high standard.

The day ended with the ‘Library opening ceremony’ where I was given the honour of cutting the ribbon. During the day plenty of photographs were taken by the school photographer as well as by the Surrey Advertiser, so watch this space.

The library itself looked beautiful and all the new furniture and book stands were complimented by a brand new rug which stole the show. It was colourful and had the world map on it. A great library and the school should be proud.

What impressed me about the school was that the parents and staff all worked together to improve the school. It was a pleasure to meet some of the parents and Governers of the school.

So thank you for inviting me St Bede’s and thank you for the flowers. I hope to see you all again with my third book and till then – Use that library and keep reading!!!

Anjali MittalLaughing