There is nothing better than having visitors as you get to be a tourist with them and explore the city. Without them, (the visitors), one just tries to live a normal life and forgets to see the sights.

I visited the Nan Lian gardens twice in 14 days and each time it was as tranquil and peaceful as ever. Situated right in the heart of the high rise buildings it is the haven of calm that is needed so much for one living in a busy city. Mystical music welcomes you as you walk through the well manicured garden with ponds, bridges and plenty of Bonsai trees. The temple takes your breath away.


 The stunning temple

Gardening at it’s best

I then visited the flower market, the goldfish market and the bird market.
The goldfish were sold in little bags


The birds were beautiful but it was really sad to see them trapped in their cages

Lastly we went to the Man Mo temple which was an experience I find hard to describe. It was that surreal. There were hundreds of inscense baskets lit and hanging from poles. Many statues of Gods that I did not recognise were around the temple. Luckily I was in the company of a very learned friend who knows all about temples, gods and history. I learnt that the Man Mo temple has two main gods: King-Emperor Man, the civil god (god of literature) and King-Emperor Kwan Mo (the god of war). People came in and out and lit the inscense and made their offerings. It was like being in Aladdin’s cave. It was very colourful, mainly red, gold and green, and the odour of the inscense was very powerful, so much so that it took the whole day and a change of clothes to finally be rid of it.


Inscese baskets hanging from the poles
and the gods Man and Mo.

So I will end my story here and resume it when I am out again dipping into the wonders that Hong Kong has to offer. I wait in anticipation for my next lot of visitors as I am sure they will lead me to places that I have not seen before. I will be sure to report back.