I walked into an enormous hall not knowing what to expect and hoping that my slide show would work on the large whiteboard, as I was left to work it out on my own. The teacher had gone to get her class in. With a minute to spare I had my display set up and like magic my name appeared on the screen.

Compared to the two schools I had just visited, this was quite a contrast. There were both boys and girls at the school and they were not in uniform!

It was an entertaining session with plenty of questions at the end. My Kenya video was loved by all and the children found the animals and storyline fascinating.

At the end of the talk as the children were leaving the room a little girl came up to me and said ‘You are my favourite author in the whole world.’ It made my day! It is the most wonderful feeling when you know that you have inspired a child and made a difference in their lives.

Ripley Church of England Primary 1 Ripley CofE with Luke

Book signing                                     with Luke Zone

I spoke to year 5 and 6 first and then years 3 and 4. At the end of the sessions, a table was set up for me in a sunny spot for my book signing. I had an interesting conversation with a very bright boy called Luke Zone who told me that he loved writing stories.  From his conversational skills and his passion for the subject I got the sense that he was a very good writer. Well what did I do? I knew he would be famous in the future so I asked him for his autograph, which I will hang onto as I have a feeling he will become a successful man one day. So here is Luke’s signature:

Ripley Luke signature


My school tours in the UK ended on a high note with this one for the summer. As much as I was on holiday, it was a delightful to meet and talk to such wonderful children in such a short space of time. Thank you to Carolyn and Ripley school.