To my dear friend Anjali,

Thank you Anjali, thank you for sharing your talent with us in this great book and inspiring others through the example you set. I believe, and see examples every day of how we all have within ourselves the ability to achieve what we want to, and you embody this. So many people talk about following their interests and passion and it’s not easy to succeed, few ever do. You however have the discipline and persistence to write and publish a book, amidst all that is required of wife and mother, let alone your many other commitments. And above all of this, have the courage to take each step along a new and challenging journey, as well as put your talent on show for all to see. I am in awe of such talent that can develop ideas into a story that can bring joy to others, inspire and excite children about storytelling. Congratulations, Anjali, this is a great achievement, enjoy it… and then get back to the writing, we want more!

With Love
Ruth Simpson