Zack and Kante are on a mission in the third book of the series, The Fallen TetraStars.

Enter the ‘Where are they now’ competition to win a free copy of the book. Each week for four weeks I will give you some clues and ask you a question about where they may be.
Four correct answers and you will win a free copy of The Fallen TetraStars. All you have to do is contact me with the correct answer each week for four weeks.
So let us begin.


Clue: The smell of the sweet Wiltshire meadows infuse into our nostrils. We see a ring of tall stones on the bed of grass, some smaller than others but all standing the test of time. The large sarsons tower over the smaller bluestones, each playing an important part for astronomers in prehistoric times. An old man leaning on a twisted wooden cane appears from behind one of the large stones. Could he be a druid?

QUESTION Where are they?
Deadline is on Saturday the 14th of July when you will get the third question.