Zack and Kante are on a mission in the third book of the series, The Fallen TetraStars.
Enter the ‘Where are they now’ competition to win a free copy of the book. Each week for four weeks I will give you some clues and ask you a question about where they may be.
Four correct answers and you will win a free copy of The Fallen TetraStars. All you have to do is contact me with the correct answer each week for four weeks.
So let us begin.
Clue: They land on hard ground enclosed by a circular ruin. Their voices echo in the cavity of the amphitheatre. Dust rises from the ground as they see a shadow emerge from between the Travertine limestone. Men and animals used that very same tunnel to enter the arena for a fight. They provided entertainment for the Emperor and the people of the city.
QUESTION: Where are they?
Deadline is on Saturday the 7th of July when you will get your second question.