My trip to Kenya was phenomenal.  Visiting it after nearly twelve years I was awestruck by the beauty of the country. The deep red soil that supports the growth of numerous crops like coffee, tea, pineapple, maize, bananas (I could go on forever), spells richness of the fertile soil and what flourishes from it.

The wildlife is abundant and so natural – like God has created a way for the large numbers of zebras, giraffes, elephants, gazelles and many more to exist side by side on masses of land with very little to eat and they still survive. I was told that each species only ate the grass that belonged to them and left the rest for the others. Even the animals work in order and know their place in relation to those that live beside them.

What makes Kenya the richest country in the world is the Beautiful people of Kenya. I cannot describe the warmth, the vibrancy, the sense of humour and most of all the hospitality of the people of Kenya. I was fortunate enough to visit a Masai village in the middle of nowhere where my niece was teaching the Masai women Microfinance – how to sell the beaded work that they spent hours making most effectively. I also visited a children’s school.  I could never imagine myself saying this but it is I who learnt from them. Each person I met has aspirations of learning and growing and I felt that my life of materialism was wasted.

A little girl outside the hut made of cow dung and wood, taught me the greatest lesson. All she had was a little stone to play with. With it she had created accurate and straight lines to play hopscotch.  We tried to join in the game. Perhaps we were the only visitors she had ever seen. She ran into her hut and then came out supporting a different t-shirt. She was trying to dress up for us. It bought a tear to my eye when we were invited to look inside the hut. I cannot describe how little they had and yet they were so welcoming and happy.

Kenya is a country that allows you to dream and it is the country where dreams come true.

If you have not yet visited Kenya, put it high up on your ‘to do’ lists as it is truly magical. You will not be disappointed.