What a spectacular event the Royal Darbar was, a charitable event held by the Hong Kong Indian Women’s Association, in aid of Mother’s choice, a charitable organisation that helps young pregnant mothers and their babies. It is a place that young women facing crisis pregnancies go to for support. 

We were greeted by glamour and splendour the moment we walked in. Large golden elephants adorned the doorways. Cocktails were served and we had a chance to look at the Auction items which included paintings, jewellery and much more. Raffle tickets were sold too. As we enjoyed the drinks and the company, a gong sounded summoning us to the banqueting suite.

 The golden elephants by the doors
A Darbar is a historical Mughal court of residence belonging to a King. It is used for ceremonial gatherings. And what a gathering it was. Any Mughal King would have been proud. An array of glitter and colour glided into the room as the women graciously made their way into the banqueting suite. Each table had a beautiful centre piece, still maintaining the theme of the golden elephants.

 Table decorations    Table setting
It was a sit down meal and each guest had a large bag of gifts hanging from their chair and many more on the table. The beautiful box you see above was provided by Lindt Chocolatiers. Quality at its best and my favourite chocolate. All the sponsors had provided each guest with numerous treats in the bag.

Each course at the dinner surpassed the previous one and I was intrigued by how they had managed to serve the sorbet to hundreds of guests at the same time with the vapour (steam) on the lower plate. It is not a very good picture but take a look to see what I mean.

 Do you see the steam?   Pumpkin soup
While we were sampling the delicious food there were professional dancers entertaining us and I was really surprised that Bollywood had not snapped them up yet as they were really talented.
 Dancers    Singer – Usha Uttap
The singer was Usha Uttap. She bought back childhood memories as she had come to Kenya when I was a little girl and guess what? She was singing exactly the same songs she had sung 30 years ago. Excellent voice and she did get the guests to participate and onto the dance floor. 
 Catching up with friends  The man himself
With no expense spared, donations by the sponsors, and attention to every detail the evening was a great success. Plenty of money was collected for Mother’s choice from the auction, raffles and even an anonymous donor. The speeches from the committee and Mother’s choice were heartfelt. What a wonderful job they do. Giving their time and efforts to such a noble cause.

What I came back realising is that in Hong Kong, nothing is done in half measures and people are extremely generous, big hearted and  glamorous.

So all that dressing up was worth it in the end! And this is what we came back home with:

  Our gift bag, wine and chocolate.