tormead 2

On a very hot afternoon, it was good to discover that the cool music room had been the venue set aside for my talk to Year 3 and year 4. Having talked at a boys school the previous day it was amusing to see the hall fill up with girls, all in smart uniform and eager to hear an author speak. Quite a difference.

The presentation went well and I spoke to the children about all three of my books. I showed them my inspiration video and how to make paper boats as Zach and Kante had done in THE BOAT RACE, which led them into an enchanted kingdom.

A successful visit with an email back from the school to say:

Dear Anjali,

Thank you so much for visiting us yesterday. Both the girls and the teachers had a fabulous time and were very inspired by your talk.

Kind Regards,

Denise Irons

I was on a high as Tormead school has been one school that I have known forever and many of my friends children go there. At the end of the talk, Hannah Galvin, a little girl I know well came and said hello and many others hovered wanting to buy a book and tell me what they thought of my talk.

It was an absolute pleasure to visit the school. Thank  you Tormead for inviting me in.