I entered the very impressive grounds of the Korean International School and was greeted by the lovely librarian Diana Chian and also my favourite quotes by Dr Seuss:



I spent time with children from reception to year 3. There were many questions asked and each year group enjoyed the ‘where I got my inspiration from’ video relating to The Boat Race. We learnt a few words of Swahili  and talked about the Maasai warriors and the migration.

 IMG_2638  Talking about The Boat Race

 IMG_2652 IMG_2655

Group photos


Question and Answer session


With the reception class there was no danger of them getting restless or bored. If all else fails – make paper boats. They really enjoyed making the boats to sail at home and some  even created paper planes. They were honestly the cutest children I have come across and one little boy kept saying ‘can’t do it’ with the most gorgeous smile. How could I resist making the boat for him?


Handing out books that the children had pre-ordered.


A delightful child gave me a Daisy Duck figure to keep with me for the duration of the presentation. It certainly helped my morning.

Thank you very much Diana Chian for inviting me to Korean International School. I look forward to visiting again with my next book.