World Book Day

I walked into a large auditorium and caught the last few minutes of the presentation by a fellow author, Alex Sears who was keeping the children entertained with his story.

A quick shuffle of students back to their classrooms and then the hall filled up again with around 300 children eager to hear what I had to say.

After introducing my books I chose to read The Secret of the Golden Dragon, the adventure story set in Hong Kong. This led to speculation and interest as the students recognised places mentioned in the book.


The Hong Kong adventure

The Reading

The children soon settled in to hear the story.

Quiz Time and Writing Skills

After the reading we had a quiz. Then I shared some writing tips. We went through what was needed to craft a story and how important it was to show and not tell. What was enjoyed by all was picking examples of ‘showing the characters feelings instead of just telling’ from a passage.

Q&A Time

This by far is the most fun time for me and for the children as well and I shall be mindful to spend more time on Q&A for my future school visits.

I would like to thank Enrico and Rebecca for organising the visit.